Samuel Rousseau

1971 (Marseille)
Living in : Grenoble
Working in : Grenoble
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"What interests me is the "ignoble", that is to say the non-noble, the waste. I use everyday objects that have been rejected and my idea is to extract them from their functionality. I change their destination, I modify them, then I reinject them into life so that they act on it. I find myself in this formula of Robert Fillioux: "Art is what makes life more interesting than art." I don't believe in the idea of the artist as a "road-maker", I don't think he shows or dictates something to others. On the contrary, I see myself as the one who, far from affirming anything, makes proposals, asks questions. In my installations, I divert my subjects from what they refer to in order to allow a reinterpretation. In "Maternaprima" for example, I divert the image that we have of our planet and propose my vision of the link that unites us to it. But if the visitor sees something else, I don't want to tell him that he is wrong!"
art absolument n°36, July/August 2010.

Artist's issues

Issue 36

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