Christian Jaccard

1939 (Fontenay-sous-bois)
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Christian Jaccard : "As a student, I studied at the École des Beaux-Arts (1956-1960) and became interested in industrial waste and traces by impression. Engraver chromist in a typographic printing (1964-1975), this activity encourages me to explore processes of impregnation related to the manufacture of specific tools: Knots & Ligatures, Couples canvas / tool (1968-1973). I obliterate tied Canvases, counterfolded Canvases, burned Canvases. The tool makes the painting and the practice of combustions generates new sets: Anonymes calcinées, Trophées, Toiles brûlées (1977-1983). I stayed in Italy where Le Rouge émis was born (1984). In 1989 I developed the Brûlis and the Supranodal Concept during the 90s. I reside in Japan in 1994 at the Kujuyama villa. Often working outside during the 2000s in derelict places (industrial wastelands), the problematic of the painting is emancipated without denying its origins. The studio is a nomadic and ephemeral laboratory at each stopover..."

Since the 1970s, Christian Jaccard has been working with tools and cords that leave their mark on the support. At the same time, he explores the pictorial gesture of ignition, the appropriation of fire as another marking tool. The slow or lightning combustions are inspired by the ancestral practices of slash-and-burn cultivation, which consist in burning grass and forests to fertilise the soil. From 1977 to 1983, the practice of combustions gave rise to new ensembles: Anonymes calcinées, Trophées, Toiles brûlées... which opened up a new path. In 1984, his "Chemin de Cendres" joined land art, once again blurring the lines to avoid any classification. During a stay in Italy, the concept of "the emitted red" was born as a tribute to the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius. Fire and paint, diluting each other, constitute the subject of the polyptych which presents the subtle variations resulting from their meeting on the canvas. In the 2000s, with his outdoor works, in derelict places such as industrial wastelands, his relationship to the painting is emancipated without denying its origins, while his "Tableaux éphémères" are presented in the form of films.

Artist's movies

Christian Jaccard - EN ROUGE ET NOIR

In line with exhibitions re-evaluating milestone figures in contemporary art (Judit Reigl, Jean Le Gac, Peter Klasen, ...), the Espace Art Absolument presents a re-reading of Christian Jaccard's work based on the chromatic relationship IN RED AND BLACK. Bringing together some twenty works from 1973 to 2020, the exhibition takes a retrospective turn, with an emphasis on his work with fire.

Film director : Benoit Gaboriaud


Artist's exhibitions

Christian Jaccard. Lafoliemericourt.

14/07/2022 - 15/08/2022
(Chaudes-Aigues) Chapelle des Pénitents
IN SITU - Patrimoine et art contemporain

17/06/2017 - 17/09/2017
(Narbonne) La Région Occitanie, Pyrénées-Méditerranée
Passages : vers une abstraction habitée

07/02/2016 - 29/05/2016
( Les Sables d'Olonne) MASC - Musée de l'Abbaye Sainte- Croix
Biennale de Melle 2015. Jardiniers terrestres, Jardiniers célestes

04/07/2015 - 27/09/2015
(Melle) Biennale Internationale d'art contemporain de Melle
VIe Biennale internationale d’art contemporain de Melle – Être humain et le savoir

22/06/2013 - 29/09/2013
(Melle) Biennale Internationale d'art contemporain de Melle
Christian Jaccard – Feux Sacrés

07/06/2013 - 22/10/2013
(Annecy) Musée-château d'Annecy
Christian Jaccard - Energies dissipées

03/03/2012 - 13/05/2012
(Colmar) Espace d’art contemporain André-Malraux

22/10/2011 - 20/05/2012
(Vannes) La Cohue – Musée des Beaux-Arts
Un été à Kerguéhennec

26/06/2011 - 25/09/2011
(Bignan) Domaine de Kerguéhennec
Le papier à l’œuvre

09/06/2011 - 05/09/2011
(Paris) Musée du Louvre
Christian Jaccard - Les dessins du concept supranodal

02/04/2011 - 30/04/2011
(Paris) Galerie Marie Cini

22/10/2010 - 30/04/2011
(Vitry-sur-Seine) MAC VAL - Musée d'art contemporain du Val-de-Marne
Christian Jaccard « Migrations saisonnières »

26/06/2010 - 29/09/2010
(Annonay) Chapelle Sainte Marie - Compagnie La Baraka
Pensées détachées

12/01/2010 - 31/01/2010
(Paris) Bibliothèque nationale de France, site François-Mitterrand
Christian Jaccard - EN ROUGE ET NOIR

29/09/2022 - 19/11/2022
(Paris) Espace Art Absolument


Christian Jaccard - Conversations

Beaux-arts de Paris Editions Depuis plus de quarante ans, Christian Jaccard construit son œuvre autour de la technique de la combustion et de la thématique du nœud, comme en témoigne une photographie de 1973 montrant l’artiste face à l’une de ses performances durant laquelle il enflamme des tissus sur une place de Montauban. Si l’empreinte – celle du feu, celle du tressage - est a ...


Christian Jaccard - Collection of the National Museum of Modern Art

The aim of the donation is to put into perspective the acquisitions made by the Centre Pompidou over the last few decades, and thus their history, their constitution and their characteristics. Between knotted paths and igneous paths, Christian Jaccard's intuitions are guided by the entropy of contradictory and yet concomitant forces. Knotting/Burning are two "tools" forming a paradigm that postula ...


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