Raymond Médélice

1956 (Paris)
Living in : Gros-Morne (Martinique)
Working in : Gros-Morne (Martinique)

"It is acrylic on canvas whose themes come to me while listening to the radio or watching television at night. The process is then done in my head. I find ideas on the treatment of the material as I work, I try to apply them and see if it can work, it is a bit related to chance. The materiality of the background of my paintings (a layer of plaster striated forming relief) gives, to my eyes, the impression of movement: if one looks at the painting, one has the impression that it moves and I wanted to give movement, I did not want to make things in flat areas that are frozen.
Art absolument n°25, June 2008.

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Issue 25
Issue 57

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